Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Is this really June?

Hard to believe that it has barely reached 60 degrees today.  After all we are half way through the month.  We should be having sunny skies and much warmer temps.  My wife noticed my youngest daughter this morning was covered in goose bumps and asked her if she was cold.  She nodded her head yes and went to go put on her bathrobe.  My wife and oldest daughter both stated they were cold as well.  Being the great husband and father that I am, let it be known that I turned the furnace back on after several weeks of being turned off.  Alright, I admit I was cold too.

The forecast had called for partly sunny skies and mid 70's, but now that my weekend has arrived it is cold and rainy.  But the forecast looks good in a few days -- just in time to return to work.  I guess I can't complain too much at least my lawn is nice and green.

I hope to post some more recipes here in the near future.  I will be posting my chili recipe and a pizza sauce that is nearing where I want it to be.  So check back soon.



Scott or Pam said...

Wow, where do you live? We have 95+ temps here in southern Missouri.

Jeff said...

In the Willamette Valley of Oregon near Salem. It has been a very wet Spring for us. I grew up in Indiana, so I still remember those hot and humid summers.